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The Sixth Form Leadership Team


We have recently interviewed for our new SF Leadership Team who will start their roles very shortly.  We will introduce them to you as soon as we can.


The Sixth Form Leadership Team is made up of four separate groups, who all work together for the benefit of the Sixth Form and the wider school.  Please find below introductions from the four Teams, together with their email addresses.  For the school year 2021/22 our Head Boy is Matthew Bentley and our Head Girl is Sofia Giannitti.


Charity & Outreach Team

Hey everyone! We are Jess, Niamh, Rachel and Ed and we are this year's Charity and Community Outreach team!

Throughout the year we hope to run a range of events in order to raise money for charities building community spirit. Our Sixth Form's charity is Chestnut Tree House.  However, we will be supporting many other organisations too.

Along with the fundraising, we want to develop the community aspect between our Sixth Form and the rest of the school. One of our aims this year is to host a wide range events that students can engage and enjoy, while raising as much money and awareness as possible!


To get in touch with the Charity & Outreach team please email


Student Experience Team


We are the Student Experience Team; our aim is to help you have fun and make sure everyone gets involved and enjoy Sixth Form events. For the upcoming year we are hoping to expand the range of options for enrichment, arrange prom and maybe introduce a fashion show. We are also striving to make our school a greener place by leading the Eco team, implementing a recycling system and cracking down on plastic waste. We are looking to build upon the House system started by the previous Leadership Team, and possibly create a Sixth Form sports day. We would like to add personal touches to the Sixth Form Centre, such as a photo wall, and increase the amount of greenery. We hope to increase the range of sports teams available for you to enjoy. If you have any suggestions feel free to email us

Overall, we want you to have the best SPH experience possible, and we will strive to achieve this!


Let us introduce ourselves: Sofia, Seamus, Peter, Domi and Emily.

Student Wellbeing Team

Hi everyone!

We’re Ben, Melissa, Ciara, Olivia and Francesca, aka the Wellbeing Team! We are your student representatives for all things health and mentality! If you have any worries that you want to discuss, any suggestions about how we can make the Sixth Form and school an even better environment, or you just want to chat about anything (school related or otherwise), we are your first port of call. We can give you advice, offer you the best support we can, and translate your suggestions into action, bringing student concerns and inquiries to Senior Leadership and making positive changes. If you want to get in touch with us, please email and one of the team will get back to you!

We want every student to feel happy, safe and comfortable at school, and we’re excited to continue working towards this goal with your help! 


Student Voice Team

Hello everyone, we are the Student Voice Team and we are here to ensure that students receive vital information and quality news, as well as allowing pupils to deliver their own messages to the student body. We are responsible for the "Philip Howard Insider", a student written magazine produced by members of our Sixth Form, which gives both students and staff an insight into school life, music, film, mental health and sport. Alongside this we manage the Sixth Form’s Instagram, where we post easily accessible information and updates on events on a more regular basis than the magazine. If anyone has any messages to be shared with the Sixth Form or wishes to be a part of the "Philip Howard Insider", please contact us at or speak to one of us and we will do the best we can!